The Jericho Dates farms

PALM FARMERS COOPERATIVE is an association at the service of its small farm members, working to improve their economic, social, cultural, environmental management conditions . The cooperative’s principles are represented by self-help and self-reliance, democracy, equality, justice and solidarity. PFCA seeks to support the Palestinian agriculture development and supports date palm farmers, small producers in particular, in the Jordan Valley, with a view to: -Foster responsibility of farmers in taking care of Palestinian land to prevent occupation procedures, -Promote Palestinian agricultural production in the a quality control,management and marketing perspective

The project

The Jericho Date production value chain represents the core of a promotion strategy endorsed by renowned and prestigious research institutions, universities, large scale distribution and public bodies which, under the John Paul II Foundation’s coordination, fosters a quality-oriented production reor- ganization based on environmental sustainability and compliance to international market standards.

- The Quality Management System describes a quality control system applied to soil and shrub cultivation, aimed at favouring a high quality and efficiency-oriented pro- duction, harvest, selection and preparation of the final product to ensure maximum qua- lity standards.
- The Agro-ecological approach pursues a cultivation philosophy favouring a natural balance among the tree and the surrounding ecosystem through application of production techniques paying particular attention to natural resources preservation and limiting utili- zation of pesticides and chemical fertilizers. Favourable Growth conditions are promoted, fostering productivity and quality enhancement.
- Market-oriented production: Awareness and knowledge about market trends allows to orient and guide production to respond to the quality demand of international markets and valorise the product’s characteristics.