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Reports Small Farmer is a series of publications edited by the John Paul II Foundation Projects department whose aim is to contribute to the knowledge and diffusion of the results obtained by the scientific-technical partners over their activities of technical assistance in the economic development programs of rural areas. The series is aimed at a systematisation of both the theoretical and methodological aspects in order to support their replicability and it’s intended for small producers, cooperatives, agricultural enterprises and stakeholders. The Reports share a precious scientific-technical know how and they are intended to promote the human, social and economic development in the most disadvantaged communities around the world, thus supporting the fight to poverty.



Practical guides: This series aims to provide project beneficiaries (farmers, product processors, sales managers, administrators, agronomists, economists of local cooperatives and officials of local institutions) with an operational tool to effectively manage their functions within the agricultural value chain. The aim is to create a motivated and professional local human capital.


Systematisation documents: This series aims to present a summary of the strategy implemented with the project, reporting the methodology and the main outcomes and outputs obtained. It is a summary of the documents produced by all the experts involved in each of the activities. The aim of the document is to make the strategy known and to give clear indications for its replicability and dissemination of the results to all interested beneficiaries. At the same time it intends to offer a complete summary document to systematize the information and make it clearly usable to all beneficiaries who have participated in the activities.


Product promotional brochure: This series has a commercial purpose. It is a direct communication tool to potential buyers who meet during participation in international fairs or reached through newsletters. The brochure presents the product with its technical specifications related to the varieties and has nutritional and organoleptic values, very useful information for the buyer. The document describes the production territories and farmers involved that apply the Quality Management System. Finally, it describes the project and the production reorganization strategy oriented towards quality, market and agro-ecology.